The Faculty Profile System of Beihang Universityis a unified platform for the management and release of individual profile pages that provide both Chinese and English versions for all faculty and staff. Faculty members can create a personal profile on this platform to display their basic information, teaching situation, student information, research achievements, research directions and published works. Besides, this system also realizes effective retrieval of relevant information according to tags such as teacher’s major, department, research direction and enrollment specialty.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    How to create a personal profile?

  • Log in to the Faculty Profiles portal (,click the “Login” button in the top right-hand corner and use your account and password of Campus Integrated Service Portal to log in to the administration terminal and create your personal profile.

    What should you do if you want to maintain the page data and check it before opening it to the public?

  • Teachers can log in and click “Pr-check, Not Releasing” to preview their own profile and confirm its format, then click on the agreement and select “Agree and Release”.

    What should you do if some sections do not need to be displayed?

  • If you do not have teaching and research tasks and do not want to display the relevant sections, you can change the status of this section from “Release” to “Temporary Save” under the menu of “Section Management”. You can also add a new section by clicking “Add”.

  • Why are edited sections not displayed?

  • Some teachers may find some edited columns are not displayed at the front desk. This requires you to check carefully whether you have released the content. Only content in the “Release” state can be displayed at the front desk, while content in the “Temporary Save” state is not displayed.

  • How to get others to maintain your profile?

  • If you do not have time to maintain your own profile, you can delegate it to others. As long as you add the student/teacher ID in the “Administrator Settings” under the menu of “System Configuration”, your personal homepage can be updated by the person you delegate to.